Why use Online Backup?

It’s a good question.  If you religiously backup all your data to USB drives or Tapes every day and take that backup media offsite, then do you really need to consider an online backup account? What can it do that you’re not doing already?

Let consider a few questions:-

Can you restore a file from anywhere 24/7 even to a smart phone?

Can you restore any version of a file no matter how many times it’s been modified?

Are the files fully encrypted and kept in a safe place?

If you’re using a conventional backup method then the answers to the above questions are probably all “No”

If your data is important to you, you really should consider an online backup solution.

Online backup is a huge market and new providers are popping up everyday.  Go with a well established provider and not necessarily the cheapest and ask where the data is stored.  Don’t backup to companies overseas, or if you do, just remember that data restore time could be slower, and technical support may be harder to receive.

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